Are you still searching “real estate photography near me” And have no good results? Look No More.

If you are looking for Real Estate Photography Near your location we may be the perfect match, here is why:

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Real Estate Photography is our passion! 

We are not just the typical local real estate photographer. We found our real passion in Real Estate Photography after one of our clients asked us to shoot a multi-million dollar property for their website. We haven’t stopped since then; we have been lucky enough to do Luxury Real Estate Photography Near cities like La Quinta, CA – Palm Springs, CA – Rancho Mirage, CA – and Indian Wells, CA. 

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We have some experience. 

We have over 20 years of experience in photography. We’ve done it all! From events like music concerts to high-end product photography for global brands, you have probably seen our work on a billboard, the back of a product packaging, or a magazine. 


But since our focus has been on photography for real estate, it’s been a blast, shooting for different types of properties and estates it’s been amazing and we love it.  

Like the title says, real estate photography near you. 

So yes, we are your local real estate photographers, we are based in La Quinta, California. Although we cover the entire valley and surroundings, we are always open to travel if the job requires it. The Coachella Valley is so photogenic, and we are lucky to have many locations perfect for capturing. We love to shoot at sunsets and twilight; they are our favorite times of the day since the valley has the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen.

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We offer more than just photography! 

We know selling a property sometimes requires more than just shooting stills, or hiring the first “real estate photography companies near me” result that you searched on google. Especially if you are trying to represent a house’s beautiful features, which requires more skills in captivating immersive visuals.


That’s why we offer more than one service to help you achieve your listing goals, and not be just another local real estate photographer.  


  • Videography – Create Emotional Connections. Video marketing is the most practical use for your marketing time and energy. And people find videos helpful in shopping and making buying decisions every day.
  • 3D Virtual Tours – Make Buyers Feel at Home. People are shown to be 300% more engaged with a Matterport 3D virtual tour than they are with 2D imagery. As a result, virtual tours can help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue.
  • Aerial Photography – Generate More Clicks. Our professional, high-quality aerial drone photography and videography captivate the most dynamic views of your property to expand and heighten the customer experience.
  • Drone First-Person View Tour – FPV drones create captivating views from the first-person perspective for many residential homes. The result: potential buyers can feel like they’re walking through a home without being there. They start at the front door and ‘fly’ through the entire layout of a home. In addition, FPV drone tours give a better understanding of the floor plan, which can’t be done with pictures alone.

We use the latest technology! 

Gear is one of the essential tools for the job we do, and we take it very seriously. We are constantly investing in new technology to offer the best quality possible to our clients. Selling a property may be the agent’s job, but we believe that capturing a property in the best possible way is ours.     


And in doing so, we may help to sell the property sooner and at a higher price.

Canon Mirrorless Cameras – These are the latest in camera technology and have the most advanced features like color gamma, super fast and precise focusing, and a high-resolution capacity with bigger sensors to capture the real estate pictures you are looking for.

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ZCAM 4K Cinema Camera – We use the same cameras used in Movies, TV Commercials, and Netflix Shows in our client’s properties. Why? Because we know capturing every detail matters.

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Matterport – 3D virtual tours are the way to go when people cannot be in person and want to experience being there. With Matterport, we wish to enable your clients to experience the same way big venues like International Malls, Museums, Stadiums, Hotels, etc. Have provided to their future clients.

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DJI DronesDJI is the leader in the drone market. They have been developing drones for 15 years, and we have them all. DJI Phantom, Mavic, Air, Mini, FPV, and AVATA. No matter the size of the project or the requirements, we are prepared to take it on.

We are fast! 

Our experience has allowed us to develop a method where we can turn projects into profit for our clients quickly, which means the fastest we can deliver to you, the faster you can sell your listing. We offer 24-hour turnaround and even next-morning delivery. We are the photographer for realtors who wants to get things done quickly with the best quality.

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We can photoshop! 

With a background in Graphic Design, we have an advantage! And we know how to use it. There is no limit to what we can do with photoshop, from fixing the yellow grass to adding or removing objects for your residential or commercial property. We can do it all!


We are the Designers / Photographers for Real Estate.

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So if you are looking to hire a local real estate photographer near your city with years of experience and someone who can do it all, and make you feel like you have a in house photographer. Look no more! We can take any job, whether small or big, residential or commercial. 

We gladly will help you capture that property in the best way possible, so you can sell it or rent it at the highest value. If you still have some doubts here, you can check out some of our latest WORK and decide, and if you have some questions, feel free to Contact Us.

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